Hovannisian Calls for Comprehensive Inventory of Yerevan

Yerevan—The Heritage Party, which has been officially registered as #5 of twelve participants in the mayoral and city council elections scheduled for September 23, published its complete capital-city program today.

The Heritage platform comprises sections devoted to accountable and empowered civic governance; condominiums and municipal development programs; environment and healthcare; education and culture; peace and defense; lawful and responsible city planning; the imperative of ruling out homelessness and ruling in employment; dignified communal services and public utilities; well-lit streets and modern roads and infrastructures; convenient and affordable public transportation; and favorable business climate.

On the occasion of its release, Heritage’s candidate for mayor Raffi K. Hovannisian called for the immediate conduct of a multidisciplinary inventory-analysis of Yerevan, from its land base to every domain and dimension in its purview.

”Yerevan is at once the heart and central nervous system of the Armenian world, and we all must work together to make our ancient fortress a contemporary and thriving world-class capital,” Hovannisian said.