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Priorities of foreign policy

  • Balance in foreign policy paces as fundamental principle to foreign policy, which will eliminate the thread of becoming an annex to any country.
  • Fusion with European organizations such as Council of Europe, OSCE establishment of bilateral relations with European countries, and EU integration as a key direction of foreign and domestic policy.
  • Cooperation with Russia, CIS and other countries, USA, Western neighbors, as well as large countries like China, India, Japan, Canada, etc.

Fundamentals of foreign policy, including

  • Regional component, where Armenia establishes itself in its territory as a sovereign, legal, democratic country capable of ensuring minimal self-satisfaction.
  • Competitive component, which concentrates on the external environment and presupposes clarification of Armenia's functional ''role'', mission and 'specialization' in the region. In party’s vision, Armenia's mission should be the role of an island of democracy and sustainability, as well as an epicenter of progressive development.

European Integration

      Integration is not a final goal for Armenia; it is a tool for improved well-being, prosperity and security. By saying integration the party means mutually beneficial cooperation, mutual understanding and enhanced level of mutual aid.


      Friendly relations with former Soviet Republics on mutually beneficial basis.

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

      The party believes that as far as we have membership to CSTO, the contractual obligations should be fulfilled.


      Irrespective of Armenia’s possible membership to NATO, depending on its security needs, current challenges require army modernization in accordance with NATO standards, which have proved their vitality in resisting both global and inter-state challenges.


      To be able to withstand economic, social, foreign policy challenges, extend and improve the quality of material and strategic maintenance services to the army, apart from keeping the traditional economic, political and strategic cooperation with Russia, it is crucial to cooperate with new partner countries such as EU and NATO, and especially USA.

Russian Federation

      It is necessary to maintain close cooperation with our traditional ally - Russia, yet reconstructing it on the basis of mutually agreed and respected interests. Within the scope of that cooperation the formula of 'property in return of debt', as well as sale of strategic fields of Armenian economy to Russia or any other country are deemed unacceptable.


      Armenia-Turkey relations presuppose an open, honest dialogue through cultural, economic and social cooperation. The two nations should gradually amend the archetypes governing over them, adopt universal human and European values, recognize their own history and resolve the Genocide and the issue of its heritage issue, as well as regulate all separating disputes and relations in a comprehensive and complex way.


      After the peaceful regulation of Artsakh conflict a trilateral agreement with Azerbaijan should be concluded, the third party being the Republic of Mountainous Karabakh.


      On the basis of the existing friendly relations, enhance the economic cooperation with Iran for the purpose of ensuring transport, energy and other forms of security of both countries. Construction of a wide-diameter Iran-Armenia-EU gas pipeline should be a high priority.


      The party believes that friendly relations with Georgia should be established on the basis of mutual trust, while paces of economic cooperation should be passed to political sphere as well. The latter will be possible especially taking into consideration common priorities of the two countries in EU membership.

Armenia’s participation in regional programs

      It is necessary to achieve Armenia’s participation in regional economic and political programs through feasible and initiative foreign policy denying pressure from any third country.

Karabakh issue

      Karabakh conflict should be resolved in a peaceful and a publicly acceptable manner, Karabakh should become a full party in negotiations. The party supports such regulation of the conflict which debars Karabakh's return to Azerbaijan and doesn't break Armenia's sovereignty over its own territories.

Recognition of the Genocide

      International experience and world history show that problems are resolved when a step forward is made from both parties. It is important for both parties to adopt universal human and European values, recognize their own history,resolve the Genocide issue and regulate all separating disputes and relations in a comprehensive and complex manner.

Armenia-Diaspora: enhanced links and effective cooperation

      Republic of Armenia should assist to the retention of Armenains in Diaspora, promote straightforward relations between Armenians in Diaspora and become a link between Diaspora communities, serving a focal point of communication. Diaspora, in its turn, should serve as a paramount bridge of cultural, economic, political relations and cooperation between Armenia and the rest of the world. With this regard, a special governing body should be created within the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

Other /Distinguishing the Armenian factor/

      Another significant horizon is distinguishing Armenian factor in all countries wherever the fate has spread Armenians. Armenian factor with its positive and tested qualities, which is not denied by strangers as well who face promotional contribution of Armenian communities.