Heritage, a National Liberal Party, is national by its roots, liberal in its economic principle, traditional in its values, and an advocate of the democratic system of governance and due process for its citizens.  The party’s objective is the development of Armenia as a democratic, lawful, and rights-based country that anchors its domestic and foreign policies in the nation’s sovereign interest and ultimate EU accession.

Heritage’s platform of words and deeds stems from national and universal human values and from the civilizational inheritance of the past, and aims to secure a life of opportunity and dignity for the Armenian people.  The party strives also to bequeath to the coming generations a free, strong, and prosperous Homeland, to take part in the constitution and leadership of its national and local governments, and to contribute to the civic, socioeconomic, and cultural life of the Republic.

Founded in 2002, Heritage to date has opened 46 regional divisions and 28 offices across Armenia.